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  • Zhao Ganlin

    Zhao Ganlin, post-graduate enrolled in 2018, secretary of Youth League Committee of department of Mechanical Engineering,Tsinghua University.

    Mechanical engineering is the cornerstone of national development and the key for China to be able to standing proud of “Made in China”.

    The love of mechanics and engineering led me to choose Mechanical Engineering. During the four years of undergraduate study, I always strove to develop myself in all folds. The department of Mechanical Engineering gave me unlimited possibilities and prospects due to the advanced  educational concept “ Deepening Foundation, Widening Caliber”, and the sufficient resource matching .

    Today, I decide to continue my Ph.D. study in the DME. In the future, I will try my best to make excellent scientific research achievements in the field of augmented reality assembly, and I look forward to contributing to China's manufacturing industry.


  • Qian Lingxiao

    Qian Lingxiao, undergraduate enrolled in 2016, President of the Student Union of Mechanical Engineering.

    “I have excellent performance in study and was awarded many honors including National Scholarship. I have good command of several programming languages like C++ which will support my future study.

    Apart from studies, I value my integrated development. I’m good at sports and got 3rd place in orienteering. I’m a person with strong sense of social responsibility. I am the president of the Student Union and was selected by Siyuan program. As team leader, I organized 2 social practices, doing field research and volunteer teaching. In the future, I hope to realize my social value through making more contributions to the society.”


  • Yu Chang

    Yu Chang, undergraduate enrolled in 2016, President of the Student Association for Science and Technology of Mechanical Engineering

    When I was young, I dreamed of becoming an outstanding engineer. I have been interested in scientific research and inventions since senior high school stage. In department of Mechanical Engineering, I get assistance from many professors and upperclassmen. I learn about the mechanical structure and electronic controller, and then design and assemble my own robot. I am proud of my major. I believe I can contribute to our native manufacturing development in the future.

  • Gong Chen

    Gong Chen, undergraduate enrolled in 2013, a member of “Scientific Research and Entrepreneurship Program of University Student in Beijing”

    “I live happily in department of mechanical engineering, Tsinghua University. I have interested in the world of science fiction when I was young, and I liked to imagine the infinite possibilities of the future, such as robot, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and time machine, I dreamed to make these possibilities come true and use scientific technology to change the world. In department of mechanical engineering, I actually feel that I striving towards my dream step by step.”



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