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Cultural Exchanges between Chinese and Foreign Students

Cultural Exchanges between Chinese and Foreign Students: Fun and Diversity

With the goal of “cultivating diverse synergy within a global perspective”, the department has established a platform for cross-cultural communication and mutual learning among international and Chinese students. By organizing regular seminars, facilitating exchanges, conducting practical research within and beyond Beijing, and implementing activities focused on cultivating qualities, demonstrating humanistic care, and fostering emotional well-being, the platform is dedicated to fostering global awareness and open-mindedness, and expanding the international perspective of its members. Additionally, it aims to contribute to their personal growth. It has successfully organized 26 international activities, with an average participation rate of over 30% for international students. This initiative significantly enhances the cultural immersion of international students, fostering a stronger sense of integration and cultural identity among them.

Supported by university-level brand activities such as “iTalk” and “Top Talk”, it has facilitated shared development between Chinese and foreign students through exchanges and mutual learning. Integrating the four fundamental language skills — viewing, listening, reading, and speaking — it has introduced high-quality activities like “New Vision”, “Shengyuan Classroom”, “Journey of Research”, and “Topic Talk” within the department. During these activities, Chinese and foreign participants mutually support and encourage each other. The wide array of engaging events not only highlights the positive and vibrant images of both Chinese and foreign students but also significantly contributes to a comprehensive improvement in cross-cultural experiences.

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