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The Graduate Associate Branch of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University (“DME Graduate Associate” for short), is an organization for graduate students that operates under the leadership of the DME Party Committee. It also receives collaborative guidance from both the Tsinghua University Graduate Youth League Committee and the Tsinghua University Graduate Associate. Adhering to the principle of “wholeheartedly serving DME graduate students”, the associate takes the initiative to seek to comprehend and communicate the suggestions, opinions, and needs of graduate students. It also takes proactive measures to guide and promote the holistic development of graduate students with moral integrity, intellectual capability, physical well-being, aesthetic sensibility, and professional skills. Additionally, the associate works towards facilitating the achievement of graduate students’ objectives in “self-education, self-management, and self-service.”

Aligned with the general requirements of talent cultivation of the university, the associate focuses on the practical needs of graduate students in academics, sports, rights and interests, international affairs, liaison, culture, and other relevant areas. By formulating and implementing specific initiatives, the associate strives to create an enabling environment that supports the growth and success of all graduate students.

(I) Department of Academic Study

Motto: Fostering learning through research and promoting research through learning. With the aim to establish a robust academic connection among students, the Department of Academic Study is set up to foster a platform for sharing academic resources, cultivate a vibrant academic atmosphere, and nurture a sense of academic community within the university. Dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals in knowledge acquisition and personal success, the department organizes a variety of activities, including general education lectures, academic seminars, and skills training sessions. These endeavors serve collectively as a “second classroom”, effectively addressing the academic needs of graduate students while maintaining the university’s fine academic atmosphere. It also facilitates teacher-student interactions through events such as Teacher-Student Night Talks, Micro-Salons for Guidance on Learning, and Teachers’ Day Group Photo Shooting. These activities contribute to nurturing positive teacher-student relationships and creating a supportive learning environment. Through organizing the Academic Forum for Doctoral Students, Academic Micro-Salon, Face-to-Face Meeting with National Scholarship Recipients, Sharing Session with Special Scholarship Award Winners, and events such as the Yanqin Lectures, Academic Life, and Academic Paths, the department actively fosters exchanges and sharing among students. Senior students offer valuable academic guidance, while peers engage in academic exchanges, thus fostering an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement that expands the horizons of graduate students. Additionally, it coordinates the selection of “Academic Up-and-Comers” and conducts interviews with outstanding graduates and departmental alumni, with the aim of establishing academic role models within the DME. The objective is to inspire graduate students to actively participate in scientific research.

(II) Department of Sports

Motto: Nurturing physical fitness while imparting educational values through sports. Guided by the principle of “healthy growth led by sports”, the Department of Sports is established to cultivate a unique sports cultural identity within the DME, reinforce the role of sports in education, and uphold the university’s sports spirit of “No Sports, Then No Tsinghua.” Through distinctive sports activities such as the “Jianxing Cup” Basketball Match, “Huzhuo Cup” Billiards Match, the Sports Incentive Program, and Teacher-Student Fun Games, the department has effectively created a sports cultural brand and fostered a lively sports atmosphere. Moreover, it actively engages in organizing and participating in university-level events, including the Graduate Student Games, Campus Marathon, and the “Shimen Cup” badminton tournament, thus elevating students’ sports competitiveness and physical fitness and fostering socialization through sports. Collaboratively organizing events such as the joint badminton tournament among four departments, the “Freshman Cup” football match among twelve departments, and the table tennis tournament among eight departments, the department fosters friendship, advancement, and the exchange of sports culture among different schools and departments. Additionally, the department plays a crucial role in identifying exceptional sports role models within the DME, offering assistance in the management of sports teams and clubs, and actively exploring innovative approaches in mass sports initiatives to enhance the physical fitness of DME graduate students.

(III) Department of Rights and Interests

Motto: Collaborative efforts and hard work for a better college life. With the goal of “cultivating a better and healthier life”, the Department of Rights and Interests is established to attend to and resolve students’ daily life needs, improve their living environment, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and provide dedicated services earnestly. Committed to safeguarding students’ legitimate rights and interests, the department has implemented a comprehensive feedback mechanism, featuring “rights and interests connection + feedback + reporting”. It strives to foster an atmosphere where students are well-informed about their rights and rights protection and encouraged to seek support from the department when facing difficulties. The department also aims to establish a life brand. It is the organizer of the “Academic Journey with You”, “Health Micro-Salon”, and other life-themed lectures, along with larger-scale social activities like “Love at Tsinghua”, to address students’ mental health and overall well-being. To create a distinctive campus life, the department initiates original activities such as “Have You Eaten?”, “Handicraft Workshops”, and “Lifestyle Parties”, offering students a unique interpretation of campus life. To effectively provide life services, it organizes events like “Weekend Cinema” and “Themed Screenings”. Through initiatives like the “Holiday Warmth Campaign”, it provides student care during holidays, focusing on the everyday needs of students to cultivate a positive living environment.

(IV) Department of International Exchanges

Motto: Making friends through virtue and shaping individuals through exemplary behavior. In line with the principle of “cultivating diversified synergy with a global perspective”, the Department of International Exchanges is established to assist international students in immersing themselves in the richness of Chinese culture. It also aims to create a platform for cross-cultural exchanges and academic seminars for both faculty and students. By fostering channels for international culture, life, communication, and integration, the department organizes cultural exchange activities such as Discussions on the Mid-Autumn Festival, Winter Solstice Dumpling Making, Dragon Boat Festival Movie Night, and Perfume Satchel Crafting. Furthermore, it actively participates in quality development activities, including autumn trips to the Badaling Great Wall and the appreciation of the red autumn leaves at Fragrant Hills. These initiatives offer international students a distinctive perspective, which enables them to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese campuses. Integrating the four fundamental language skills — viewing, listening, reading, and speaking — it has introduced high-quality activities like “New Vision”, “Shengyuan Classroom”, “Journey of Research”, and “Topic Talk”. These endeavors allow domestic graduate students to elevate their global competence across diverse fields through various channels and levels of engagement. Supported by activities like “iTalk”, “Top Talk”, and other branded activities of the University Graduate Associate, and complemented by the inclusive platform of International Community Talk+, the department strives to foster common development among Chinese and international students through exchange and mutual understanding. This is aimed at enhancing cross-cultural experiences across various facets and showcasing the healthy, positive image, and youthful style of both Chinese and international students.

(V) Department of Liaison

Motto: Connecting hearts with care. The Department of Liaison is dedicated to “building bridges for close communication”. It is established to unite diverse participants and establish a robust foundation for the associate by adhering to its operational standards. By offering guidance on class development and sharing experiences in developing Party and Youth League committees for new graduate students, the department contributes to fostering a constructive and culturally vibrant class atmosphere. It serves as a platform that offers guidance and inspiration to strengthen students’ self-identification, sense of responsibility, and unity through mutual support. This is achieved by organizing activities such as face-to-face class interactions, themed sessions, distinctive class showcases, and class monitor liaison, effectively establishing a three-level linkage of “university, department, and class”. It also initiates activities such as Companions along Research Journey and Sunshine Stations, making it a platform for emotional development and cultural exchange that offers tailored theoretical and practical training for student leaders of the DME. Additionally, the department is responsible for liaison and communication affairs with the University Graduate Associate and graduate associates from other departments to help with various cross-departmental and cross-disciplinary exchange activities. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing unity among the Party and Youth League committees within the DME and among the departments of the DME Graduate Associate. Additionally, it actively fosters connections with the University Graduate Associate and graduate associates from other departments.

(VI) Department of Culture

Motto: Cultivating educated individuals with moral characters through culture. With the mission of “integrating culture into daily life”, the Department of Culture is dedicated to functioning as a campus lecture hall that seamlessly blends aesthetic education, knowledge dissemination, and literary and artistic appreciation. This initiative aims to guide students to develop both internally and externally and nurture virtues alongside skills. Through events such as the Revolutionary Songs Concert Commemorating the “December 9th Movement”, Wenxin Forum, Yinghua Art Hour, and various other large and medium-sized cultural activities, forums, and evenings of the university and the DME, the department cultivates an immersive cultural atmosphere on campus. This environment unites the enduring spirit of progress across centuries and echoes the resounding voice of the new era. Supported by a diverse matrix, including “light and interactive” workshops, learning zones, original events, and more, the department has introduced branded activities such as Cultural Caravans, Cultural Refueling Stations, and Cultural Imprints. These events actively promote the regular and sustainable sharing of cultural and educational resources and explore guided and hierarchical approaches to cultural integration. It has also established the Yanmeng Workshop and Cultural and Creative Design Groups responsible for generating original cultural content for both the university and the DME. These organizations ignite and harness the creative passion of students possessing deep cultural knowledge and enable them to capture the essence of life and depict the vibrant colors of reality.

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