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Recreational Activities of Undergraduates

Despite being an engineering department, the DME always boasts highlights in its cultural and artistic initiatives. In recent years, the department has fostered an unprecedented environment of arts and culture, significantly enhancing the cultural experience of its students.

The Student Festival, an annual cultural evening hosted by each department at Tsinghua University, is a good representation of the department’s commitment to arts and culture. Since the last structural changes of the department, the DME has organized 8 student festivals under the theme of “Awakening Chronicle” in 2011, “Several Times Eighteen” in 2012, “Red Heart J” in 2013, “Mechanical Horoscope” in 2014, “Craftsmanship” in 2015, “Whispers of Devices” in 2016, “Melting and Casting” in 2017, and “Wandering with ME” in 2019. Through these events, the department has gradually cultivated its unique identity in the diverse array of student festivals across various schools and departments, leaving a profound impact on the entire university.

Group photo after the 2019 DME Student Festival “Wandering with ME”

Step onto our grand stage and let your singing be heard. The DME Singing Contest is a carnival for DME students who are passionate about singing. Held annually, the contest offers a platform for numerous students to showcase their unique styles. Over recent years, the DME has produced many outstanding singers, illustrating the distinct musical flair of the mechanical personnel on the university stage.

2019 “Up to You” Interdepartmental Singing Contest (five departments)

An ideal place for socializing and making friends. The Freshman Ball, organized by the Department of Arts and Culture of the DME Student Union, is a platform to foster connections and facilitate interaction among new students. The event strives to assist them in expanding their social circles and swiftly adapting to college life. Of course, senior students who enjoy dancing and making new connections are also welcome to join in the event and enjoy a memorable time.

2019 “9’s to Meet You” Freshman Ball

A toast to graduation, as each student embarks on their journey into the future. The Department of Arts and Culture takes charge of organizing personalized graduation activities for graduates, which provide graduates with an opportunity to unwind at the conclusion of their undergraduate journey. These activities foster reflection on the past, evoke warm memories, and strengthen the bonds among all participants. The diverse activities for graduates ensure an unforgettable conclusion to the four years spent in the DME family.

The sports culture in the DME has consistently epitomized the spirit of confronting challenges head-on and showcasing courage in competition. In recent years, the athletic atmosphere within the department has flourished, giving rise to a multitude of exceptional athletes. Significantly, the department continually secures a prominent position in sports outcomes, firmly maintaining its top-ranking status within the university.

As the university’s largest-scale sports event, the “Ma Yuehan Cup” always attracts participants from various departments to compete for first place. With a legacy of sporting excellence, the DME consistently secures a spot among the top four in Group A in the “Major Ma Yuehan Cup”. The department has excelled in a diverse array of sports including Go, soccer, badminton, track and field, swimming, and table tennis, with remarkable achievements.

The DME Games, an annual “sports festival” for its students, serves as a platform for athletes to showcase their exceptional skills. In traditional competitions, students give their best and exhibit their physical prowess, enabling the Department of Sports to discover more exceptional sports talents. Fun activities such as free-throw basketball, football control, sandbag jumping, and two-person three-legged races foster friendship among students and provide them with an opportunity to experience the charm of sports.

The Aquatic Games allows students in the department to know more about water sports, enhance their physical fitness, and nurture sportsmanship. Events like the 100-meter breaststroke, 100-meter freestyle, and swimming relays offer a refreshing and cool escape for students during the hot summer. They also promote the department’s commitment to sporting excellence and enable participants to discover joy and personal growth within the competitive arena. Beyond competitive events, entertaining activities such as “Fishing for the Moon in the Water” and “Shooting in Water” add a touch of novelty, ensuring students have a fun and memorable experience.

Group photo of the DME after the “Minor Ma Yuehan Cup”

The DME Football Team

Recreational Activities of Graduates

Artistic and Sports Activities: Enrichment and Pursuit of Progress

The “social nature” of sports is fully leveraged as a means to foster friendship. Recreational activities of graduates included 200 sports sessions across 29 different sports, engaging participants from all 15 classes within the department. Graduate students extended invitations to their teachers, fostering an environment where both educators and students could collectively appreciate the transfer value of athletics together. Initiatives like Fluorescent Night Running and Running Week provide a multi-dimensional exploration of the enchanting aspects of sports. As pioneers of the Sports Incentive Program, the DME has successfully attracted 320 new members to join its sports club, aiming to lead a new trend in “national fitness”. At the 2022 Tsinghua University Graduate Games, the DME Team claimed the second spot with an impressive total score of 173 points in Group A.

Adhering to the principles of moral education through culture, the department has organized 49 culture-themed activities, including Themed Painting, Clean Plate Campaign, 21-Day Reading Activity, and Cultural Refueling Stations. These activities, closely tied to daily life, enhance the enjoyment of life, foster friendships through literature and art, and contribute to a vibrant cultural atmosphere. The department has also upheld the spirit of the “December 9th Movement” and initiated the first “Science Museum 5-Dimension Education Cultural Festival” featuring events like Wenxin Lecture, Wenxin Workshop, Movie Screenings, and others aimed at cultivating students’ abilities to discover, appreciate, express, and create beauty. The joint team “Mechanical Engineering and Fine Arts” formed by the DME and the Academy of Arts & Design won the “First Prize for Overall Excellence” in the 2022 Tsinghua University Graduate “December 9th Movement” Themed Education Activity.

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