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Volunteer Service of Undergraduates

Embracing the volunteer principle of “returning to our roots to serve with dedication”, the DME Zijing Volunteer Team is actively involved in internal initiatives to cultivate a strong volunteer culture among both teachers and students. Externally, the team extends its services to the broader community, showcasing the voluntary spirit of those in the field of mechanics. The DME Zijing Volunteer Team is mainly dedicated to three key areas: “public welfare for the blind”, “concern for education”, and “service for teachers and students”. The team has initiated numerous programs, boasting some of the highest participation rates university-wide. Noteworthy activities include “Your Voice, My Vision”, “A Face-to-Face Connection through Listening ”, “Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Healthcare Campaign”, and “Expressing Affections through Letters”, among others. Among them, “Your Voice, My Vision”, a series of voluntary activities dedicated to the public welfare of the blind, was recognized as an outstanding volunteer project of the Haidian District of Beijing in 2020. It further achieved a five-star rating in the Tsinghua University Star Defense Project, with only three projects university-wide earning this honor.

Aimed at supporting the blind, the program has evolved over the years in the scope of its activities. It presently has tasks such as recording audio books, producing accessible films, providing companionship to blind children, and hosting educational lectures tailored for the blind. “A Face-to-Face Connection through Listening” is an initiative to offer companionship to blind children. It seeks volunteers for online communication with blind children, with the aim of providing both companionship and knowledge. Throughout these activities, both volunteers and the blind children have gained valuable and profound experiences.

The team also played an active role in Covid-19 prevention and control efforts. In early March 2021, in collaboration with the General Branch of the Graduate Youth League of the DME, the team successfully completed the urgent assignment of recruiting over forty volunteers within a limited timeframe. Managing responsibilities from pre-division of labor to on-the-day organization and coordination, and extending through post-event publicity and summarization, the team diligently supported volunteer activities to facilitate the entire vaccination process.

Group photo of the 16th training session for “Your Voice, My Vision”

Group photo of DME vaccination volunteers

Volunteer Service of Graduates

Volunteer Service for Public Benefit: Commitment and Responsibility

To enhance the social responsibility of graduate students within the department and promote positive energy in society, the department actively guides graduate students with a spirit of volunteerism and commitment. This involves participating in university-level initiatives such as blood donation, nucleic acid testing, and efforts to promote labor. Moreover, in line with the commitment to advancing labor education, the department has launched a range of activities, including “Campus Labor”, “Laboratory Labor”, “Workplace Labor”, and “Dormitory Labor”. Highlighting the DME’s dedication to social responsibility and promoting rural education development, the department’s “Candlelight Program” stands as a distinctive brand for departmental voluntary activities. Through professional outreach and voluntary book donations, the program provides comprehensive support, both in terms of spiritual encouragement and tangible resources, to schools in remote areas.

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