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The curriculum at Tsinghua University uses semesters, as shown in Figure below. In Figure below, Fr, So, Jr, Se mean the freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior respectively. We have 3 semesters per year, and 1, 2, 3 mean the Fall, Spring, Summer semesters respectively. Fr-0 is the summer semester before the Fall semester for the Freshmen. In the summer semester the practice courses are taught, which are mandatory required for the program.


The distribution of credits in semesters

Tsinghua University uses the credit hour for courses, where 16 credit hours equals 1 credit. The graduates should complete at least 171 credits, including

1. Math & Basic Sciences: 34 credits (19.9% of total)

2. Engineering Topics 93 (54.4% of total)

- Fundamental Engineering: 23

> including IT courses, EE course, mechanics, fluid, and thermodynamics.

- Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering: 25

>including materials, design, manufacturing, materials processing, control, and measurement & testing.

- Major courses of ME: 16

- Engineering Practice: 14

- Diploma Thesis: 5

3. General Education 44 (25.7% of total)


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