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Mengran Zhou

Assistant Professor


Education background

Osaka University         P.h.D         Material Science and Engineering            2017.04—2020.03

Osaka University         Master        Material Science and Engineering            2015.04—2017.03


Tsinghua University, School of Mechanical Engineering     Assistant Professor            2022.06—now

Tsinghua University, School of Mechanical Engineering       Post-doctor                2020.06—2022.06

Monash University, School of Material Science and Engineering    Visiting researcher          2019.01—2019.02

Cambridge University, School of Material Science and Engineering    Visiting researcher         2018.04—2018.05

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Department of Light Alloy Design   Visiting researcher   2017.06—2017.09

Osaka University, Science center for Nano-Materia   Visiting researcher                 2016.06—2016.09

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Mainly focused on the microstructure modification and property optimization of light alloy (Mg alloy and Al alloy) via thermal-mechanical processing. The recent interest focused on:

The fabrication of high strength-ductile synergy and corrosion resistant light alloy and their joining technique

The design, fabrication and property optimization of biodegradable Mg alloy

Fabrication of Low-temperature superplasiticity light alloy

The in-situ observation and characterization of material flow and deformation mechanism

Academic Achievement

1. M Zhou, Y Sun, M Yoshiaki, K Ushioda, H Fujii *, "Quasi-in-situ investigation into the microstructure and texture evolution of pure magnesium during friction stir welding." Journal of Magnesium and Alloys (2020), IF:10.08.

2. M Zhou, X Huang, Y Morisada, H Fujii *, Y Chino, "Effects of Ca and Sr additions on microstructure, mechanical properties, and ignition temperature of hot-rolled Mg–Zn alloy." Materials Science and Engineering: A 769(2020).IF:5.23.

3. M Zhou, Y Morisada, H Fujii *,  "Effect of Ca addition on the microstructure and the mechanical properties of asymmetric double-sided friction stir welded AZ61 magnesium alloy." Journal of Magnesium and Alloys 8.1(2019).IF:10.08.

4. M Zhou, Y Morisad, H Fujii *, T Ishikawa, "Mechanical properties optimization of AZX612-Mg alloy joint by double-sided friction stir welding." Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2017):91-99.IF:5.55.

5. M Zhou, Y Morisada, H Fujii*, J Wang, Pronounced low-temperature superplasticity of friction stir processed Mg–9Li–1Zn alloy." Materials Science and Engineering A 780.7(2020):139071.IF:5.23.

6. M Zhou, Y Morisada, H Fujii*, J Wang, "Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded duplex Mg-Li alloy LZ91." Materials Science and Engineering A, 773.Jan.31(2020):138730.1.IF:5.23.

7. Z Zeng, M Zhou, P Lynch, F Mompiou, Q Gu, M Esmaily, Y Yan, Y Qiu, S Xu, H Fujii, C Davies, J Nie, N Birbilis*, "Deformation modes during room temperature tension of fine-grained pure magnesium". Acta Materialia, 116648 (2021).IF:8.23.

8. S Zhang, G Chen, T Qu, J Wei, Y Yan, Q Liu, M Zhou, G Zhang, Z Zhou, H Gao, D Yao, Y Zhang, Q Shi*, H Zhang,  "A novel aluminum-carbon nanotubes nanocomposite with doubled strength and preserved electrical conductivity." Nano Research (2021): 1-7.IF:8.89.

9. Y Liu, G Chen, H Zhang, C Yang, S Zhang, Q Liu, M Zhou, Q Shi*. “In situ exfoliation of graphite for fabrication of graphene/aluminum composites by friction stir processing”, Materials Letters 301(2021)130280. IF:3.42.

10. F Long, G Chen, M Zhou, Q Shi, Q Liu*, Simultaneous enhancement of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of as-cast Mg-5Zn via microstructural modification by friction stir processing, Journal of Magnesium and Alloys (2021). Accepted. IF:10.08.

11. Z Zeng*,M Zhou*, et. al.  “Corrosion resistant and high-strength dual-phase Mg-Li-Al-Zn alloy by friction stir processing”, Communications Materials, (2021). IF:6.78

12. M Zhou, et. al. “A novel Fe/Cu interface with excellent mechanical properties fabricated by friction stir welding”, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, (2021), IF:4.46.

M Zhou,, Effect of the processing route on the microstructure and mechanical behavior of superlight Mg-9Li-1Zn alloy via friction stir processing, Journal of Magnesium and Alloys (2020), IF:10.08.

Honors and Awards

Full scholar awarded of Leading Doctor course Program hold by the  Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan

Excellent research award from The Japan Welding Engineering Society in 2017, “The friction stir welding of super-light Mg-Li alloy”

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