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Xining Zang

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering Tsinghua University Beijing, China, 100084



Education Background

08/12 to 08/17 University of California Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Ph.D

09/08 to 06/12 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Materials Science and Engineering B.E.

Working Experience

2023/12 – Tsinghua University Associate Professor

2020/12- 2023/12 Tsinghua University Assistant Professor

04/18 to 08/20 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Postdoc

09/17 to 04/18 University of California Berkeley Postdoc


The research focus of Zang Xining is the integrated manufacturing of functional structures for extreme environment sensing and energy storage. She solves key issues in the manufacturing process under extreme conditions through material design, and molecular dynamics simulation. Her team has built multiple sets of laser micro-nano processing equipment and developed multiple sets of extreme sensing prototypes, including a high-temperature wireless passive sensing system, an in-situ wireless sensing monitoring system for human fracture healing, and a cross-media miniaturized mechanical antenna for through-the-earth and through-water communication. In the past five years, she has published 22 papers as the first author and corresponding author in journals such as Sci Adv and Nat Commun, with a total of over 2,200 citations on Web of Science. Her research work has been highly recommended by journals such as Nature Photonics and Materials Today. She has been granted with 8 Chinese patents and 2 US patents. She has been funding by a few national level projects, including the Young Scientists Project of the Key Research and Development Program. She has won the Silver Medal of the Geneva Invention Exhibition, and the Microsystem & Nanoengineering Young Scientist Award.



1. Laser-upgraded coal tar for smart pavements in road and bridge monitoring applications,Jincai Huang, Man Zhang, Haoyun He, Qingang Li, Yixin Zhao, Qiulin Tan, Xining Zang*, Microsystem & Nanoengineering, 2024, 10(1), 34

2. Reconstructing the nanoscale porous structures in coal-based membranes by ultrafast high-temperature sintering for solar-driven water treatment,Liu, C-C; Chen, R.; Wei, Y.; Huang, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Fu, T.; Hu, C.; Huang, X.; Zang, X.*, Nano Energy, 2023, 108634.

3. Printing Three-dimensional Refractory Metal Patterns in Ambient Air: Toward High Temperature Sensors,Yu, J.; Hu, C.; Wang, Z.; Wei, Y.; Liu, Z.; Li, Q.; Zhang, L.; Tan, Q.; Zang, X.*, Advanced Science, 2023, 2302479

4. Application of principal-component analysis to the interpretation of coal tar physico-chemical properties,Zhang, M.; Zang, X.*, Fuel, 338, 2023, 127304 37.

5. Laser Direct-Write Sensors on Carbon-fiber-reinforced Polyetheretherketone (CFR-PEEK) for Smart Orthopedic Implants,Hu, X.; Huang, J.; Wei, Y.; Zhao, H.; Lin, S.; Hu, C.; Wang, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Zang, X.*, Advanced Science, 2022, 202105499.

6. Pressure-Strengthened Carbon Fibers from Mesophase Pitch Carbonization Processes,Wei, Y.;Chen, J.; Zhao, H.; Zang, X.*, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2022, 13, 3283-3289.

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8. Electronic, structural, and magnetic upgrading of coal-based products through laser annealing,Zang, X.*; Ferralis, N.; Grossman, J. C. ACS Nano, 2022, 16, 2, 2101–2109.

9. Two-dimensional quantum-sheet films with sub-1.2 nm channels for ultrahigh-rate electrochemical capacitance,Chen, W.; Gu, J.; Liu, Q.; Yang, M,; Zhan, C.; Zang, X.; Pham, T. A.; Liu, G.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, D.; Dunn, B.; Wang, Y. M., Nature Nanotechnology, 2022, 17, 153-158.

10. Ultra-thin Carbon Deficient Molybdenum Carbide (α-MoC1−x) Enables High-Rate Mg-ion Based Energy Storage,Zang, X*; Wang, S.; Zhang, R., Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2021, 12, 4434-4439.


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1. 臧浠凝; 赵喆; 李庆昂; 黄金财 ; 高分子骨植入物多通道传感器的设计及加工方法, 2023-03-17, 中国, ZL202211373489.8

2. 臧浠凝; 张曼; 黄金财 ; 应用于道路健康检测的焦油应变传感阵列, 2023-04-21, 中国,


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4. 臧浠凝; 赵喆; 胡行健; 黄金财; 李庆昂 ; 血管支架、人体血管局部变形与血管局部动力学监测系统, 2023-02-28, 中国, ZL202211373459.7

5. 臧浠凝; 李庆昂 ; 柔性磁电复合低频机械天线及其制备方法, 2023-04-07, 中国,

ZL202210224080.3 (专利)

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8 臧浠凝; 等人; 制备碳化中间相沥青的方法, 2023-02-03, 中国, ZL202111433653.5 (专利)

US Patent

9. Systems and methods for manufacturing sintered metals, J Grossman, X Zang, N Ferralis, C Jian, KY Tai, US Patent 11,919,077

10. Processes for forming transparent, conductive films from heavy hydrocarbons, and devices and systems into which such films are incorporated, Jeffrey Grossman, Brent Keller, Owen Morris, Mark Disko, Heather Elsen, Xining Zang, Nicola Ferralis, Ximena Hasbach, US Patent App. 16/901,778


2023 Silver Medal of the Geneva Invention Exhibition

2022 Microsystem & Nanoengineering Young Scientist Award.

2012 Shanghai University Students of the Year

2011 Outstanding Award of the 12th “Challenge Cup”

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