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Timing QU

Tenured Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Tel.: +86 10 62794261 (Office)



High-temperature superconducting magnets; High-temperature superconducting generators; Numerical simulation for superconducting devices


1) 07/2007, PhD in Physics, Tsinghua University, China

2) 08/2004-09/2005, Visiting Student, University of Geneva, Switzerland

3)07/2002, B. Eng. in Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, China.


1) 07/2007-now, Post doctor (07/2007), Assistant Research Fellow (07/2009), Associate Research Fellow (12/2011), Tenure-Track Associate Professor (08/2016), Tenured Associate Professor (08/2021), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

2) 2015/03-2016/03, Visiting Scientist, Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Teaching work

Undergraduate Courses:

1) Engineering Materials

2) Physics of Mechanical Materials

3) Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Research Interests

The strong current-carrying capacity and extremely low power dissipation of High-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials promote the development of efficient and energy-saving electrical equipment. HTS technology might change the way that people produce and use electricity fundamentally. I dedicate to explore the innovative HTS applications in the fields of renewable energy, medical equipment, and high energy physics. Main research interests include high-field superconducting magnets, HTS magnets for medical equipment and HTS generators/motors.

Honors and Awards:

1) Second Prize Invention Award, State Grid Corporation of China, 2021

2) Outstanding Teaching Award for Young Faculties, Tsinghua University, 2019

3) Excellent Faculty/Staff, Tsinghua University, 2019

4) Top Prize in the 10th Teaching Skill Competition for Young College Faculties, Beijing, 2017

5) Top Prize in the 7th Teaching Competition for Young Faculties, Tsinghua University, 2016

6) Second Prize Science and Technology Progress Award, China Southern Power Grid Company, 2016

7) Third Prize Invention Award, Yunnan Province, 2016

Selected Publications

(* for corresponding author)

[1] Yan YF, Li Y, Qu TM*. Screening current induced magnetic field and stress in ultra-high-field magnets using REBCO coated conductors. Superconductor Science & Technology. 2022, 35: 014003.

[2] Yan YF, Song P, Xin CJ, Guan MZ*, Li Y, Liu HJ, Qu TM*. Screening-current-induced mechanical strains in REBCO insert coils. Superconductor Science & Technology. 2021, 34: 085012.

[3] Yang ZR, Song P, Guan MZ, Feng F, Qu TM*. Critical current degradation and delamination crack observation of epoxy-coated REBCO superconducting tapes after thermal cycles in liquid nitrogen. Ceramics International. 2021, 47(21): 29824-29831.

[4] Yan YF, Xin CJ, Guan MZ, Liu HJ, Tan YF, Qu TM*. Screening current effect on the stress and strain distribution in REBCO high-field magnets: experimental verification and numerical analysis. Superconductor Science & Technology. 2020, 33(5): 05LT02.

[5] Li Y, Park D, Yan YF, Choi Y, Lee J, Michael PC, Chen SW, Qu TM*, Bascunan J, Iwasa Y. Magnetization and screening current in an 800 MHz (18.8 T) REBCO nuclear magnetic resonance insert magnet: experimental results and numerical analysis. Superconductor Science & Technology. 2019, 32(10): 105007.

[6] Qu TM, Lin G, Feng F*, Deng ST, Song XH. Biaxially textured (Bi, Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox thin films on LaAlO3 substrates fabricated via the chemical solution deposition method. Superconductor Science & Technology. 2019, 32(4): 045006.

[7] Qu TM*, Li YF, Song P, Hao CH, Wu QH, Gu C, Zhu JM, Han ZH. Design Study of a 10-kW Fully Superconducting Synchronous Generator. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. 2018, 28(4): 5207305.

[8] Qu TM*, Michael PC, Bascunan J, Lecrevisse T, Guan MZ, Hahn SY, Iwasa Y. Test of an 8.66-T REBCO Insert Coil With Overbanding Radial Build for a 1.3-GHz LTS/HTS NMR Magnet. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. 2017, 27(4): 4600605.

[9] Qu TM, Michael PC, Voccio J, Bascunan J, Hahn S, Iwasa Y*. Persistent-current switch for pancake coils of rare earth-barium-copper-oxide high-temperature superconductor: Design and test results of a double-pancake coil operated in liquid nitrogen (77-65 K) and in solid nitrogen (60-57 K). Applied Physics Letters. 2016, 109(8): 082601.

[10] Qu TM*, Song P, Yu XY, Gu C, Li LN, Li XH, Wang DW, Hu BP, Chen DX, Zeng P, Han ZH. Development and testing of a 2.5 kW synchronous generator with a high temperature superconducting stator and permanent magnet rotor. Superconductor Science & Technology. 2014, 27(4): 044026.

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