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Associate Professor

Add: Room A730, Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Tel.: +86-01-62772009


Education background

2006-2012,   Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. Degree

2007-2009,   Department of Materials Processing, Tohoku University, Japan, Master Degree (Supported by Joint Education Program)

2002-2006,   Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Bachelor Degree


2019-      Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University

2015-2019,   Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University

2012-2015,   Post-doctor, School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Laser welding, electron beam welding, friction stir welding

Laser metal deposition; wire and arc additive manufacturing

Relationship of microstructure and properties of welds

Residual stress and distortion of welds by numerical analysis and testing

Honors And Awards

--McKay-Helm Award, from American Welding Society, 2019

--Second Prize of China Ministry of Education Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Natural Science), the fourth of all eight participants, 2014

--The Outstanding Graduate Award, Japan Welding Society (Tohoku), 2009

--Kawasaki Award, poster award of the 8th International Welding Symposium, Japan Welding Society, 2008

--Tsinghua Top Grade Scholarship, 2005, (top level, 5 undergraduate students per year for the whole university)

​Academic Achievement

Main Publications

[1]    Zhang Zhenlin; Zhao Yue; Shan Jiguo*; Wu Aiping; Gu Huaipeng; Tang Xin. Influence of heat treatment on microstructures and mechanical properties of K447A cladding layers obtained by laser solid forming. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS. Year:2019.6 Volume:790 Page:703-715

[2]    Luo Chong; Zhao Yue; Cao Yang; Zhao Lin; Shan Jiguo. Effect of laser heat treatment on bending property of laser welded joints of low-alloy ultra-high strength steel. JOURNAL OF LASER APPLICATIONS. Year:2019.8 Volume:31 Issue:3 Published Online.

[3]    Zhang Dengkui; Zhao Yue; Dong Mingye; Wang Guoqing*; Wu Aiping*; Shan Jiguo; Meng Danyang; Liu Xianli; Song Jianling; Zhang Zhongping. Effects of weld penetration on tensile properties of 2219 aluminum alloy TIG-welded joints. TRANSACTIONS OF NONFERROUS METALS SOCIETY OF CHINA. Year:2019.7 Volume:29 Issue:6 Page:1161-1168

[4]    Dong Mingye; Zhao Yue; Jia Jinlong; Li Quan; Wang Fude; Wu Aiping*. Development of segmented cambered body heat source model in numerical simulations of aluminum alloy cylindrical walls. JOURNAL OF TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY(SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY). Year:2019 Volume:59 Issue:10 Page: 823-830

[5]    Jia Jinlong; Zhao Yue*; Dong Mingye; Wu Aiping; Li Quan. Numerical simulation on residual stress and deformation for WAAM parts of aluminum alloy based on temperature function method. TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHINA WELDING INSTITUTION. Year:2019 Volume:40 Issue:9 Page:1-6

[6]    Xie Ruishan; Zhao Yue; Chen Gaoqiang; Zhang Shuai; Lin Xin; Shi Qingyu*. Development of efficient distortion prediction numerical method for laser additive manufactured parts. JOURNAL OF LASER APPLICATIONS. Year:2019.5 Volume:31 Issue:2 Published Online.

[7]    Li Yanjun*; Wu Aiping; Li Quan; Zhao Yue*; Zhu Ruican; Wang Guoqing. Effects of welding parameters on weld shape and residual stresses in electron beam welded Ti2AlNb alloy joints. TRANSACTIONS OF NONFERROUS METALS SOCIETY OF CHINA. Year:2019.1 Volume:29 Issue:1 Page:67-76

[8]    Luo Cong; Cao Yang; Zhao Yue*; Zhao Lin; Shan Jiguo*. Fiber Laser Welding of 1700-MPa, Ultrahigh-Strength Steel. WELDING JOURNAL. Year:2018.7 Volume:97 Issue:7 Page:214S-228S

[9]    Xie Ruishan; Zhao Yue; Chen Gaoqiang; Lin Xin; Zhang Shuai; Fan Shurui; Shi Qingyu*. The full-field strain distribution and the evolution behavior during additive manufacturing through in-situ observation. MATERIALS & DESIGN. Year:2018.7 Volume:150 Page:49-54

[10] Li Yanjun; Zhao Yue*; Li Quan; Wu Aiping; Zhu Ruican; Wang Guoqing. Effects of welding condition on weld shape and distortion in electron beam welded Ti2AlNb alloy joints. MATERIALS & DESIGN. Year:2017.1 Volume:114 Page:226-233

[11] Li Yanjun*; Zhao Yue; Wu Aiping; Zhu Ruican; Wang guoqing. Numerical Simulation for Full-Penetration Electron Beam Welding of Ti2AlNb Alloy. RARE METAL MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING. Year:2017.5 Volume:46 Issue:5 Page:1341-1345

[12] Zhao Yue*; Wu Aiping;  Ren Jialie;  Yutaka Sato; Hiroyuki Kokawa; M Miyake; Yan Dongyang. Temperature and force response characteristics of friction stir welding on Invar 36 alloy. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF WELDING AND JOINING. Year:2013.4 Volume:18 Issue:3 Page:232-238

[13] Zhao Yue*; Sato Yutaka; Kokawa Hiroyuki; Wu Aiping. Microstructure and properties of friction stir welded high strength Fe-36 wt%Ni alloy. MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING. Year:2011.9 Volume:528 Issue:25-26 Page:7768-7773

[14] Zhao Yue*; Wu Aiping; Sato Yutaka; Kokawa Hiroyuki. Fracture toughness of friction stir welded Invar 36 alloy at low temperature. TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHINA WELDING INSTITUTION. Year:2011.12 Volume:32 Issue:12 Page:89-92

[15] Zhao Yue*; Wu Aiping; Yao Wei; Wang Zhi Min; Sato Yutaka; Kokawa Hiroyuki. Microstructure and mechanical properties of Nd:YAG laser welded invar 36 alloy. MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM. Year:2011 Volume:675 677 Page:739-742

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